This Long Overdue Post

I hesitate to look at my stats since I haven't blogged in ages. I'm pretty sure there was a heat wave in Toronto last time I hit the keyboard for Major Gal. This morning I considered busting out my new winter coat, so you figure out the timing. Here's the thing: I love blogging. I really do. I love reading other blogs. I love sharing a bit about myself and finding ways to brighten people's days. It's fun. The other thing: it takes time. Even a teensy post requires firing up the ole laptop, adding a picture, reviewing it to make sure I don't sound like an illiterate moron. Yadda, yadda.

A little bit about me here - I don't love spending all my time on a computer. I do, however, love writing. Ask my grade three teacher, Mrs. Kelly. I wrote a play for the class to act out. Made my mom photocopy the script so everyone could memorize their lines and then informed my teacher that we needed time to perform. I'm one of the lucky ones who always knew what she wanted to be...a writer.

I write all day long at work. I snagged a gig as a research writer before I graduated and the head of my department said I was really lucky to find a writing job. He was right. By the way, if you're considering a writing career, the Professional Writing and Communications program at the University of Toronto is superb. I wouldn't change a thing about my academic history and I'm blessed to have learned so much in that program. But anyways, when I get home from work sitting back down at a computer is right up there on my list with getting a root canal, getting a paper cut and not being able to sneeze when you really want to. Ain't happening. I get home and nothing is more thrilling than tossing on my jammies, perusing the multitude of Victor Newman episodes (I refer to The Young and the Restless as 'Victor Newman') stashed on my PVR and reading InStyle. Sometimes I don't even want to read! I want to shut my brain off and have my only form of electronic communication via mobile phone. Some nights I don't even want my phone. I. Just. Want. To. Turn. Stuff. Off.

The kicker is, I really miss blogging. Creative writing has forever been my love and without regularly posting for you lovely readers, all I'm writing is technical schtuff. I'm an instructional designer - it's okay, most people have never heard of it - so I write corporate training all day. There are absolutely ways to be creative when writing training. In fact, it's one of my strongest skills and one of the aspects I love most about my job, but it's not enough of the writing that pours out of me.

Anyways, I clearly needed to do some free writing and the result is this post. I miss the blogesphere. I've neglected my blogger friends. I barely get time to read their tales anymore and it's sad for Major Gal. So, I'll make you a deal. I'll commit to writing over the weekend and scheduling my posts if you promise to accept my "I'm always at work" whine as truth and never abandon me. I'm always blogging in my head if that counts. Perhaps some speech to blog technology (is that even a thing?) would solve this problem. Thoughts? Has life ever gotten in the way of your fun stuff? How did you tackle it?


Kerry said...

Whooo! Hi lady! Welcome back... and not too worry... life always gets in the way. I'm finding it hard to come up with content and find time to read other blogs recently Turns out I picked the right day to catch up on some reading though! ;)

Hope to hear more from you around here soon... but if not, I will always come back when you do post! :)

Anonymous said...

Major Gal, it's good to hear from has got into my way big time giving up my most fun activity for work as quality life started to take over fun ...However reading your blog is fun,somewhere to drop by to find happiness