This Dancing Show

If my blog is supposed to be about relationships and things I love then I've GOTTA include SYTYCD. For those of you daft people who haven't feasted your eyes on the deliciousness of So You Think You Can Dance, you don't know what you're missing.

I wait all year for this show. Last fall Chels, Chan, Erin, Kate, Jen and I went to see the tour at the ACC. Some of my favourite dancers EVER were in the top ten. It was a fantastic show. Chelsea Hightower was incredible :) Anyways, last week I was at the boy's house and not only did he agree to watch the show with me WHILE there was some sort of NBA tournament or finals on, he also shooed me out of the kitchen as I started washing the supper dishes and ordered me to "Go watch your show. I'll do these." If that's not true love, I don't know what is! Kidding. It was exactly what I needed that night though and earned him serious brownie points - which he later admitted he was working for.

Mia Michaels might be one of my heroes and if I ever meet Mary Murphy I'm going to hop on the hot tamale train and scream for my life!

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