This Sunshine Kisses My Face

Well folks, the dwindling economy has affected Major Gal...I got laid off! Sitting at my desk Monday afternoon, I was busily taking screen captures for a user guide I've been creating when the IT manager asked to see me in his office. I thought maybe he could tell that I'd been on FB at work and was going to reprimand me. I saved my work, locked my computer and went downstairs to his office. I did NOT expect to be laid off. My entire team was let go "without cause or prejudice" Monday afternoon, but instead of being upset I see this as a great opportunity. I've been scouring the job sites each day for new opportunities and I've looked into some new courses I want to take and I'm fine with all this. I've already had an interview downtown (right beside Holts - shoot me) and I'm not worried at all. I think this is just the universe testing me again by saying, "Crystal, you know you weren't thrilled with your job and you wanted to move forward, so we gave you the push you needed." This girl bounces back and she does it with style.

The weather has been fantastic the past couple of days and I've relished sitting in my backyard with my dogs and feeling the sun on my face. Things could be so much worse. I have a loving home, friends and family who love me, a sweet Jeep and the faith that I'm coming into bigger and better things in the near future. Sure, I'm unemployed, but I'm healthy and happy. I've spent a lot of time outdoors since becoming a stay-at-home dog mother this week. I take my three mutts on a few walks each day, we cruise over to the dog park and I watch them frolic in the grass and then hose them off after they coat themselves in mud, I spend time in my garden and I enjoy each minute as it comes.

We can never really know what tomorrow will bring. You might lose your job, you might get hurt and you might find love. Whatever comes into your life tomorrow with the sunrise, embrace the opportunities and challenges because they're all part of what the universe has planned for you.

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Anonymous said...

I have to admit I'm behind on my reading. I had no idea you were job hunting; how are things going for you now?