This Morning

You know that nagging feeling you get sometimes? That thing that keeps tugging at your brain and reminding you you've got something to do? My blog has been doing that to me lately. It's been a while since I posted anything, but seriously - I've been busy!

Still no permanent job on the horizon, but I've had some contract work which I've been doing from home and I must say my new office is bloody fantastic! On the patio, in alternating bikinis so I can blend the tan lines for wedding season, with my laptop, Starbucks and some change management courses I've been creating presentation notes for. The gig pays better than my last job, has flexible hours (whenever I want to work, I do) and my coworkers (Gigi, Lily and Roxy) never bitch about the work environment. They bark occasionally at robins flying by and scratch at the door to be let back inside periodically, but other than that our working relationship is pretty groovy.

I always try to find the lesson in seemingly bullshit situations. I know there is a bigger plan out there for me and that I'm on the right path. Sure, getting laid off a few weeks before your dog needs a bladder stone operation can suck and so can having to borrow money from your little sister to pay for it, but it the grand scheme of my life, this is nothing. Gigi is recovering, when Chels heads off to university I'll give her back the money and after all the scrambling to get the cash together, it all worked out. Gigi had her surgery and she's totally cool now. I've got more work coming to me and the endless opportunities to transform my career into whatever I want. It's pretty great, actually :)

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