This Bridal Party Training

Well folks, as a writer I pimp out to anyone who's willing to post my stuff. During the day I write for pay from my swanky cubicle in Scarborough (insert big sigh), but the stuff I really love to write I do for free and for myself until somebody wants to pay me loads of money to be a freelance writer from the beaches of sunny California. This was a big week for me: I got a guest spot on some sites and I'm proud of myself. So proud that I want to call everyone I know who has forever known that writing is my passion - that means I should look up my kindergarten teacher and give her a shout. Thanks for teaching me how to print Mrs. I forget your's paying off for me.

Recently I've been in full MOH mode. Planning an unforgettable hen night for my cousin Jen, buying stuff for gift bags, ordering delicious cupcakes, experimenting with a spray tan so I'm glowing on the big day, learning how to bustle a bridal gown and snapping photos with my BlackBerry so that on June 26 when I'm overwhelmed with emotions as Jen and Stefan exchange vows I'll know what the eff to do with the gorgeous train pooling around her incredible gown. Basically, I've been doing my research and I've found some great bridal sites. The Favour Shoppe dot com ( a site I stumbled upon one afternoon while searching for the perfect bridal event favours. We started following each other on Twitter and then I saw a tweet from the owner: Want to be a guest writer? With no hesitation, I was in. I didn't know what she needed written, but I knew I could do it and so on Wednesday my how-to article on being the best bridesmaid ever went up online. Be a darling and check it out, would ya?!&id=4365770. Thanks people!

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Jo said...

Awesome Crystal!!!!
Congrats! This is only the beginning!