This Condo Search

You know that scene is the first SATC movie where Carrie and Big walk into a gorgeous old NYC apartment and Carrie refers to it as Nirvana? I found my condo heaven this Saturday morning in the city. It's considered a studio because the bedroom doesn't have a window. My awesome agent (and cousin) waded through the crowds Monday to find out about the parking scenario. Sure, I live downtown but I own a Jeep and I'm not about to part with it. No matter how gorgeous the hardwood floors, glossy back splash, brand new appliances and a space of my very own tempt me. I can't live somewhere that I can't also park my car. So, fingers crossed that somebody rents out a unit in this building avec parking, otherwise my search continues.

After looking at several places and seeing what my money can get me - there's a huge range from bloody awesome to totally pathetic - I started picturing my stuff in this condo. I pictured myself coming home from work to my furry baby Gigi and seeing her prance across the deep espresso floors to greet me. I pictured the flowers I would buy each week to sit in a a pale blue vase I bought at Home Sense years ago. I pictured the fabulous parties I could throw and basically I got my hopes up and convinced myself that this was the ONLY place I could possibly live. Stupid, right?

Since living with my awesome roomie, I've learned that I'm really not cut out to live with other people. Family, sure, a significant other, heck yes, but a friend...not so much. I like being on my own, and although I'm really happy living where I am, I know myself enough to know that I'll be happier living as a young woman in my own gorgeous condo with my cute little dog and hopefully one day my man.

Your surroundings should always teach you something. Mine has taught me that even if I really jive with someone, I get moody and I'm super particular about the stuff around me and sometimes I just don't want to talk at all (it's all those years of being an only child - I know how to entertain myself). This is in no way a message directed at my wonderful pal Jen, instead it's a way of me really exploring how I feel about where I live and the living situation I want for myself. Jen's a killer chick. She's funny, kind, sharing, has a huge heart and I love her to bits, but The last few months have shown me - and I pretty much knew this in my first year of university - that I'm an independent gal who likes her own space. I always thought I'd be too scared to live on my own, but now I'm really looking forward to it. So, until my cousin calls me and screams, "We got the 'way cool' condo!" we're still looking.

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