This is Your Happy

I've reached out to some people about what makes them happy each day. This new approach is informal. I'm not mailing out questionnaires or anything (yet), I'm simply asking the people around me what makes them happy. Here's a bit of what I've captured so far...

- a bowl of freshly popped corn
- an impromptu house party
- a book to good to put down so you stay up late reading (happened to me last night)
- the sound of Christmas music
- your favourite store having a huge sale
- laughter
- a glass of raspberry lemonade
- the second the lights go down at a concert right before the band comes out
- reading your favourite blogs in the morning
- finding money in your winter coat from last year
- thinking you're broke and realizing you've got $18 dollars in twoonies in your wallet!
- flickering candles
- hot chocolate on a dreary day
- knowing you made a loved one happy with a call or email
- making connections in life

That's just a taste so far. If you're interested in letting me know what makes you happy, I'd love to hear from you. Email me or comment on this post and I'll share the joy.

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Kerry said...

My dogs dancing around excited to see me when I get home after a long day. Nothing better than the pure happiness they show when they see you... makes you feel so good! :)