This is Why I Love Blogging

It's been a busy couple of weeks and my inbox at work and at home is brimming with emails I need to either delete, reply to or forward. As I was going through some today, I found one that had been neglected. My bad!

Recently I became a participant of the Cougar Boots blogging campaign. I've been wearing those babies everywhere and getting compliments along the way. At my girlfriend's for supper a couple of weeks ago, before I had even taken my coat off she exclaimed, "I love your boots!" I was wearing the Regal rain boots with some leggings and a loose cashmere sweater from Aritzia. Nothing like a fashion compliment to boost my ego on a Saturday night :)

I've been talking about these boots with everyone and people are always delighted to hear that they're available in Canada - love Canadian companies - and priced well for a quality product. But what else are people thinking about the boots? Well, there's a little survey here for you guys to complete and for each submission, Matchstick Inc (the great company who put this campaign together) will donate $2 to the Red Cross. How fantastic is that? During the holidays we might get caught up in decorating and rushing around to buy presents, forgetting that there are so many people out there that need the kindness and generosity of others to make it through the season. Maybe your budget doesn't allow for much charity donation, so here is a great way to give without opening your wallet. Don't you love when the universe comes together like this? I certainly do.

Please a few seconds to complete this survey. You'll feel good about it, I promise.

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Kelly Wrightson said...

Done! Thanks!