This Happy Place

Fridays are now going to feature happy places posts. A while back I wrote about A Perfect Pinky - only my favourite nail salon in the world and it got me thinking about other places that make me happy. Pinky gals, don't worry - you still make me the happiest (:

Keeping with the whole beauty theme, I want to introduce you to The Brow House in Leslieville. I'm a stickler about my brows. I don't want to look like Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon and I don't want to look like I draw my brows on with eyeliner. I want a natural look, with an arch regardless of the current trends. I don't think trends are for eyebrows - but that's just me.

I started visiting the ladies at The Brow House this past fall and I've always been impressed. Their focus is brows. They offer a consultation, shape your brows at the initial visit and keep records of their work so you can maintain a gorgeous groomed look. They also fill you up with the most delish tea while you wait. It's a great experience to walk in looking like a Muppet and walk out looking like a goddess.

For those of you who aren't slaves to eyebrow maintenance, perhaps you're lucky or perhaps you've never had your brows professionally done and don't know what you're missing. I can promise you this, if you're in the area and can snag an appointment in this bustling shop TAKE it!

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Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

I'm pretty happy with the girl who does my brows, but this sounds like a great place!