This Is Miss Gigi

I've decided that Thursdays will now be a spot for my guest posts from other bloggers and friends divulging what makes them happy AND an opportunity for me to write in Gigi's voice. You may think I'm crazy, but last week my friend forwarded me a blog about pets who go to work with their owners. From there I read about Bella the Boxer. She has a book, a blog and a massive following considering she can't talk to write. It got me to thinking..."What would Gigi say if she could talk?"

My dogs are spoiled. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I don't have kids and right now, my finances are mine to disperse as I see fit. If that means sending Gigi to the spaw, feeding her organic and telling her every day how much I love her, it's my decision.

This weekend we were at our friends' place with a few people and their dog. I'm under no delusions that Gigi is the most well behaved canine on earth. In fact, she can be a complete jerk sometimes but I get a kick out of her attitude. People were asking me if Gigi is quite as feisty at home and I admitted feeling guilty and kinda betrayed by my fur baby. Two rounds of puppy class, private in home training, mental and physical exercise, a dog walker to spend hours with each day, socialization and lots of love and yet my dog walks into a new house and pees on the carpet RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! We laughed about it, but I'm starting to feel guilty about the parents I judge when I see kids acting like total lunatics. I see some parents take control while others sort of ignore it. I don't have kids so I have no idea how hard it is. I guess karma got me in this department. I'm trying to raise a well behaved dog and she just does as she pleases. When bf comes over she runs around like she's been caged for a week and leaps off the couch and jumps so high I think her legs will break. I tell her to sit and she pretends not to hear me. Nice Gigi...really nice.

Would I trade her for a more docile dog? Not a chance. She embarrasses me on walks. She barks at people for no reason. She doesn't want to share me with my bf and she freaks out when she sees other animals on TV. She's kinda crazy, but I think she'd tell me she's just excited and happy if she could. She wants me all to herself and I get that. When people come over she barks. She's telling me there are people in the condo - yes I'm right there and can see them also, but she's still trying to alert me to the situation.

If Gigi could offer us advice she'd say, "life's too short so sleep on the couch and not the floor. Dig through gardens when you have the chance. Throw a party every time your loved ones come home and always give kisses." She's pretty smart that dog of mine.

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