This Little Schedule

I like to plan, but I'm also totally cool to go with the flow and completely abandon plans when necessary. For a while I've been wanting to structure my blog more so today I jotted down a little schedule for myself. Wednesdays are now going to be "This Stuff Making Me Happy" days.

I've been drooling over Links of London bracelets for months now, but haven't taken the plunge to treat myself to one. Also, it seems kinda lame to buy myself a friendship bracelet - right? I was cruising the website earlier this week (which I often do when I need a mental break) and I found some new loves.

Originally, I had wanted purple. I adore purple. It's regal. A mix of masculine and feminine. It's easy to look at and what isn't lovely about colours like lavendar, lilac and violet? How about this stunning pewter and white friendship bracelet? Hello lover!

But then I found something even better...create your own bracelet. Yes people, this is right up there with the site I found to create my own shoes. Needless to say, I'll be spending a lot of time creating my own versions. Seriously though, how much fun would this be? It's like when I used to make my own friendship bracelets in school except those cost pennies and this is like a car payment. Details, details.

I also browsed through the charms and found some really great ones. They're more colourful than some other charm companies and I like that about them. My favourite charm bracelet is the one my mom saved from when she was a little girl. The only thing better than new jewellery is vintage jewellery.

The flamingo is one of my faves. I have always stood with my foot balanced on the other leg and I love pink stuff!

The clover charm is wonderful. The first tattoo I got is a green four leaf clover. It's my lucky charm.

I also love this little heart. It's vibrant and cheerful, like hearts should be.
What are your favourite things this week folks? An awesome song? The first signs of spring? Find your happy in the small stuff, or designer jewellery. To each his own really :)

Check out this fantastic option to bust out your inner 12 year old creative genius:

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