This is My Glee Gal

Today we've got a guest post from the silly, hilarious and fame seeking genius behind Jen and I worked together, lived together, partied together, watched hours of girlie movies and shows together and always laughed. And before you judge us on our choice of Zac Efron films, just know that he's a total babe and we'd rob that cradle any day. Take it away Jenny!

Let me first introduce myself: I’m Jen Woodall – C-Major’s last roomie. She and I met while working at a super cool agency called OneMethod. When she moved in, I knew we’d live well together because I looked up one morning, and she was dancing to the sound of her clothes steamer. It was awesome.

Below is a few similarities that Miss C Major and I posses:·

  • The ability to watch ‘17 Again’ again, and again and again ‘you look like a douche’ ‘I don’t look like a douche’ ‘Your shirt is bedazzled’ ‘Yeah, with rhinestones’ ·

  • We’re both princesses. Any opportunity to play dress up…we’ll take, and we’ll look awesome·

  • We’re obsessed with our pets·

  • We have an amazing group of girlfriends·

  • Being silly is a skill that both of us possess·

  • WE BOTH LOVE GLEE – there’s a segue if I ever saw one.
Anyway, since I’m a total Gleek, work in advertising and social media, I decided to conduct my own #socialmediaexperiment. I’m trying to social media my way on to an episode of Glee. Yes, I realize this will be a hard feat. But why not try it, why not see if I can. The only thing worse than regretting doing something is regretting not doing it right? I mean if Biebs can become a celebrity superstar via YouTube, then I can get on one episode of Glee through facebook/twitter? Yes? No? Well I’m going to try anyway!

You can check out what I'm up to here:

If you like this, share it, like it, tweet it, spread it. Let’s see if we can make this happen. Let’s see if we can take a social ‘no one’ and put her (me) on the best show ever. Oh goodness…I can picture the post analysis now! It’s going to be SICK!

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