Miss Thursday

Gigi threw a tantrum last night. I was on the phone with Rach discussing her wedding plans - fyi, my bestie got engaged Saturday night and I'm finally able to share the news - while Gigi whimpered, whined, cried, shrieked and moaned for a treat. I'm able to ignore her when she gets like this and I'm not a girl who gives in to other's demands, so I let her whine. Several times Gigi walked over to me and whined with a furiously wagging tail. She was basically, "Mommy! Get off the phone! I want a treat." If she was a real baby, I would have told her to forget it, but she's a dog and you can't reason with her...although I've tried. I gave a few stern "NO!" warnings and she'd give up momentarily. Then she laid on the carpet at my feet in despair, still whimpering. It took an hour, but I gave her a treat. Fail. I know. I gave in. I'm not proud of it, but I treated myself to McDonalds for dinner so who am I to get between Gigi and her organic chicken snack? I gave her one. She sat like a good girl, but was practically radiating with excitement and anticipation. After that, I never heard another peep from her. That's my girl.

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