This MOH

It's not everyday a girl is asked to be the maid of honour for her bestie. That day for me was last weekend when my hilarious friend Rach asked me to be her MOH. I was honoured and thrilled that I could finally talk to her about the engagement since I had been patiently waiting to squeal about the details ever since her bf (well fiance now) asked me to help him pick out a ring.

Imagine wanting to share news about something you've been waiting for for years and not being able to tell your bestie? It was torture!!! Lucky for me, Rach called as soon as it happened and I had a wee little Saturday night pinot grigio buzz as I stepped into the elevators and answered Rachel's call. We've already sprung into planning mode and I'm so freggin' excited. It's much more fun to plan for a big fancy wedding when you're not footing the bill. I get to offer up ideas and I don't have to pay for them, but I still get to enjoy them all. It's actually pretty perfect.

Rach and I have been friends since grade nine. We had dance, geography and gym class together and we were super competitive. In truth, I was a little scared of Rachel. She was a flawless ballerina and also a really great athlete. She was just - and still is - good at everything she did. This fall she blew me away with her flip cup skills at a back to school theme party we went to. I watched her shut down the competition and thought, "That's MY girl!" Next spring I'll watch her marry her handsome bf and I know I'll be thinking to myself, "That's my bride. Isn't she beautiful?"

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