Tuesdays I Blog About Relationships

Well, it's certainly been a while since I've said "hello!" Work is nutty, this weekend was full of action and I'm happy to say involved a lot of cleaning. Spiritual, emotional and condo cleaning. Spring is in the air so I swept up the cobwebs and turned my cheeks to the sun. It's just so good for the soul, you know? So, I have some advice that I just needed to share. I was chatting with a friend, a former co-worker actually and he said to me "Stop making goals. Ignore every man you see until you see someone you can't ignore." It's true that we're supposed to find love when we're not looking for it, so I think there's some wisdom in this. If this is helpful for any of my faithful readers out there, excellent. If not, keep it in mind. One day it might be exactly the advice you need.


Jen Woodall said...

I miss you.

Kerry said...

Did I miss something?? Looking for love?

Nice to see a post from you, and hope you're doing well chick! xx