This is Where My Money Goes...

Recently Julia was over and she looked at the shoes lined up at my front door. She turned to me and said, "All your shoes are lined up by colour you know. Is that on purpose?" Damn right it's on purpose. I like when things are organized by colour, but even more than that I like shoes.

This fall I ordered a pair of nude patent pumps from Steve Madden online. When I told the boy about them he exclaimed, "You bought another pair of shoes?! That's the last thing you need." Honestly, it hadn't even crossed my mind that I didn't need any more shoes. It did constantly run through my mind however that I was in desperate need of nude patent leather heels. It made sense to me. Still does.

I worked at a shoe store for a couple of years before I started university. I amassed a collection worthy of mention in my obituary: Today we lost a lovely young woman. She leaves behind her fur baby, a large extended family and enough shoes to rival the Bata Shoe Museum.

I don't have a huge condo and I have less space than I'd like to store, or display my shoes, but I'm quite happy to line my foyer walls with the heels I spend my days and nights running around in.

When I was a little girl my mom bought me brown mary janes. They were leather. They were my indoor shoes for school. I "lost" them. She bought me a pair of grey ones. I misplaced those also. Then she got me the pink ones. I still remember everything about them. Thanks mama and sorry for losing leather shoes when you were a single mom and I was being a silly, selfish little girl. Love you.

A couple of years ago I was working for a small company. The training department was made up of me and two other women. One day we were all let go. Apparently the company didn't need to train anybody anymore. Being unemployed doesn't make for a great financial situation. I took an interview two days later on Bloor Street...directly beside Holt Renfrew. After the interview I pranced across Bay and twirled into Davids. I laid eyes on a pair of shoes from the first designer I ever fell in love with - Emilio Pucci. Could I afford the shoes? Technically, yes. Did I need the shoes? Absolutely not. Was it a good financial decision to buy the most beautiful shoes I'd ever seen? Not at all. Did it make me feel special to buy them? It certainly did.

When I learned how to walk my mom put little bells on my walking shoes so she could hear me waddle. Kinda like the bell you put on a cat's collar. When I have a little girl, she's definitely getting tiny angel bells on her shoes. Isn't it just the sweetest thing?

I have some expensive shoes and I have some inexpensive shoes. I'm the proud owner of a pair of leather boots purchased on Rodeo Drive as well as clearance shoes for $18 I found on the racks at Winners. I have worn those $18 pumps for five years on at least a weekly basis. I love them.

We all have our favourite things. There's lots of stuff out there that makes people happy. Is my shoe wardrobe necessary? Well that depends on who you ask. Do I wear all my shoes, yes I do. Some more than others. Do I need them all to survive? Not at all, but they make me happy. They make Visa happy too.


Ashley said...

hahaha "they make visa happy too" i love it. shoes make me happy too :)

Major Gal said...

happy girls love shoes :)