This is Happy Heels Monday - Kate Spade Jocelyn

I'm so happy that I started this post last week since I had totally blanked on my new Happy Heels Monday theme and had nothing prepared for today!

May I introduce Kate Spade's Jocelyn - a pump of class and sass. Miss Jocelyn is a completly functional shoe if you ask me. Actually, considering some of the heels I wear, this is practically a walking shoe with the thick heel and rounded toe. My gripe with these babies is that I can't find them in Canada, but if you're in the U.S. check out Nordstrom and treat your feet to these happy heels.

Let's discuss the reasons why I love these shoes. To start, they have a bow on the toe box. I love bows. I don't care how girlie that makes me. I freggin' love bows, especially on my shoes. I think they add some whimsy and I'm all for a little extra sunshine.

Secondly, they're houndstooth. This is one of my favourite patterns for the cooler months. *Disclaimer: by no means do I support the end of summer and the start of fall. These shoes are just so lovely I had to share them and generally I don't find sandals very attractive.* I had a Jeanne Lottie handbag for YEARS that was all neutral houndstooth and I love, love, loved it. I ordered Lily Flower a custom dog bed a couple of years ago and we chose violet and kelly green houndstooth. The bed has since been destroyed by Roxy (the eater of everything). Gigi's placemat for her food and water dishes sit on a black and white houndstooth mat shaped like a bone. You get the picture now? I dig me some houndstooth.

Finally, I love these shoes because they're shoes. I try not to discriminate. There you have it: three reasons why I love the first post of Happy Heels Monday.

What shoes are making you happy today? Do you have a gorgeous pair of heels in mind that I might love to blog about? If so, share them with me. I'll hunt around for the best deals on our happy heels also.

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