This is My Kinda Dog

It's puppy love Thursday. Probably my new favourite day of the week (well, my blogging week anyways). Why, you ask? Well, it's not a big secret that I absolutely love dogs. Dogs to me are sunshine, warmth, love, companionship, eternal happiness. Pretty much all rainbows and free designer shoes and lollipops rolled into one furry package.

To begin this new chapter in Major Gal's life, I'm starting with some of my favourite dog breeds - the poodle. Whether mini, standard, toy. mixed breed or otherwise, I love poodles. I always have. When I see them out on the street or at the park I actually exclaim in a shrill voice, "Oh! Poodle!" I also want to name a dog Poodle one day. There's just something so precious about the little ones and so hilarious about the big ones - I just LOVE them. Since I became a fur mama, I've decided that I will only adopt pets from now on, so I'm including an adoption site for this wonderful breed. They're so smart and hypoallergenic which is a bonus.


When I got my tonsils out, my aunts and cousins sent me a flower arrangement of...wait for it...a poodle. Each morning I crept out of my mom's bed (I got to sleep in her bed because I was a poor sickly child in recovery) and touched my poodle flower arrangement. I really loved it.


I also love poodle skirts and wore a pink one for a Halloween costume years ago. Poodles are always associated with Paris and I'm pretty sure I was born in Paris, but then ended up in Toronto somehow. So you see, I'm supposed to have poodles for pets. Lily is a bichon-poodle cross and Gigi is supposed to be a shi-poo but I'm pretty sure she's a terrier mix of some kind a la Benji. Regardless, poodles are fantastic and really, those crazy haircuts you can do for them are at the very least good for a giggle.

I debated adding information for poodles in need of homes, but going to those sites and seeing those sweet faces breaks my heart into a million pieces and then Puppy Love Thursdays would become Major Gal Gets Another Dog Thursdays and we don't really need that. Gigi ain't in to sharing her mama and they have laws about how many dogs you can have in one home.


Erin said...

I love my toy poodle crazy much! Charlie is such a great dog with a loving and cuddly and fun personality. I bring him everywhere!

Major Gal said...

aren't they the best Erin? Charlie is a gem - such a sweet little guy from the sounds of it :)

MissBliss said...

awwe, so adorable. my mom had the sweetest bijon frisee.... she "rescued" it from a puppy mill

Anonymous said...

Chris really wants us to get a dog and he wants a miniture poodle or bichon frise...I am still not sure if I am ready for one yet...Krystal Santoloce

Major Gal said...

Krystal-definitely get a dog. Both those breeds are wonderful. I'm here (when you're ready) to help!