This is Me Slacking Off

I've been slacking. I've let you down. I've let myself down, but honestly, at the end of a work day I don't want to get back on a computer. I'd rather lay on my couch and watch 4 episodes of The Young and the Restless back to back. It's true. It's not because I don't love blogging - I really do - it's because sometimes I'm a lazy human and want to shut my brain off while watching the residents of Genoa City make out and kill each other. Let's look at this sad kitten, shall we?

Today, I'm back. I'm back because one of my devoted readers sent a messenger my way to inform me that he's pissed I'm slacking off. I absolutely adore this guy and for that very reason, I'm rounding up some of my favourite things for today's post.

To start, let's take a gander at my pal Logan. Can I get an "amen" for the brains behind the Logan's Look blog? It's described as "A Gentlepup's Lifestyle and Fashion Blog" and is spilling over with pics of Logan, a mini poodle who loves to dress up. Look, I don't dress my dogs up (mostly because I'm afraid Gigi will kill me in my sleep if I do), but that doesn't mean I don't absolutely freggin' adore pups in outfits. Toss a bow tie on a poodle and my worlds collide.

Next, I'm gonna be real lazy and post a link to pictures from bestie's bachelorette this past weekend. I'm not downloading them (but plan to) for ya, just follow the link and feast your eyes on the babes in the handmade fascinators. Yes folks, Major Gal can sew....kinda. I'm better with a glue gun and glitter, but anyways. Here's one of the pics so you know which babes to look for.

Other news, I burned my tongue last night and today have been terrified to eat or drink anything above room temperature, so that's been fun. Anybody have ideas on how to cure scalded mouth skin? I'm afraid to Google it. Something hella dirty will surely infect my laptop if I do.

And if I'm trying to keep up with Major Gal's days of the week, Fridays are My Favourite Place days and that's pretty appropriate since this weekend I'm a) gettin' ma hair did; b) going to a dance recital and c) going to a baby shower. Hair news: I got coiffed last weekend for bestie's bachelorette and bought this A-MAZE-ING powder creating mega-volume. The bigger, the better with hair...and boobs in my opinion. Dance news: some of my best girlfriends teach (and one owns) a dance studio and this weekend is the recital. I love dance recitals. When I was a wee one, I loved getting to wear make up and fancy, sparkly, shiny costumes and now I love sitting in the audience watching a love of dance blossom on stage. Stoked for that. Baby news you ask? Well, one of those same dancer besties gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl 2.5 weeks early and so now we get to meet that baby at the baby shower this Sunday. Since my mama isn't with us anymore, I'm usually pretty glum on Mothers Day, so meeting the new baby daughter of a woman I've known since we were 6 years old and did a jazz routine to Madonna's Holiday with sounds like FUN to me!

Today, please go to and look at any of the videos/pics/posts on animals. I tweeted and shared a load of them today because they're so effing funny. Like dogs vs. celebrities in Who Wore it Better? 

That's a lazy post from a slacking Major Gal my loves. Thanks to the faithful reader giving me a kick in the tush to get back on the blog. You're the best!!


Anonymous said...

Don't be shy...use toothpaste to fix your burnt tongue just paste a little bit and keep on for 5 minutes don’t swallow or that two times a day for two days...use Lemon J with salt. I would move it in Lemon J with lots of salt...

Anonymous said...

Don't want to make others Jealous but even if one didnt know you in that pic, eyes would still be Magneted at you and still be staring at you, prince girl!